Bathroom remodel: The week in pictures

Grouted floor!  There are a few areas I'm not thrilled with, but considering how wavy our floor was, I understand that perfection just was not to be.

Kohler Memoirs 24" pedestal sink, Restoration Hardware medicine cabinet, and sconces from Home Depot

The throne (Kohler Memoirs with stately design)

Detail of cabinet and lights

Sink with American Standard Hampton faucet

My favorite detail: marble threshold!
T is coming back on Monday to finish mudding and sanding the drywall and to touch up the grout in the tub.  He also has to redo the caulk, as there was a lot of dust floating around the bathroom at the time, and it stuck to it and made it look permanently dirty.  I think his work will be wrapped up by Wednesday, and then Shayne will install the wainscot, baseboard, and window/door trim.  Almost there!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I love the floor. What colour will you paint the walls?


Di said...

We are leaning towards a light blue, one with a slightly gray tint. The runner-up is a sage green.

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Good job! It looks like your bathroom’s coming together nicely. Hope you get to finish it soon.

24 hour locksmith Houston said...

I love your lighting..it adds beauty to your newly-remodeled bathroom.