The Great Purge of 2010

We have bulemia of possessions.  In the week before Ethan's first birthday party, Shayne decided to go through his boxes in the basement and get rid of everything he doesn't want or need.  I organized the dining room and bathroom.  The end result was a monster pile of trash in front of our house on trash day, plus a load of stuff for Goodwill.  Most of it was Shayne's.  I don't know what he tossed, but I know that two shelving units in the basement are now empty.  Impressive.

What has been really great is how peaceful our house feels without the clutter.  We've already started to reaccumulate junk on the dining room table again, so I'm making a serious effort to keep that area clear.  It's so hard, since it's just the natural dumping ground for mail, baby toys, or anything else that we happen to be holding when we come into the house.  But it's also the first room we really see when we come in the back door, so when it's not cluttered, it just makes the house feel more welcoming.

I still need to get rid of more clutter.  It's like a snowball effect; the more you clear out and organize, the more you realize you still need to do.  But we're getting there.

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