I'm due!

Today is the baby's due date, which he obviously doesn't realize, since he's showing no signs of wanting to vacate.  Oh well.  Nobody's been pregnant forever, right?

I think we've managed to accomplish more in the past 9 months than in any other year since we've been in the house.  It's amazing what a real deadline can do for people who are procrastinators.  And we're nothing if not professional procrastinators!  Here's a quick recap of what we've managed to get done:
  1. Purchased a "new" dining room set and removed most of the clutter from that room
  2. Rearranged living room furniture and installed new fabric blinds
  3. Finished sanding the staircase and stained handrail, spindles, and treads
  4. Framed over the hall closet opening into the office
  5. Made a new, wider opening into the original office closet
  6. Recreated the wall that was originally between the master bedroom and office closets.  The PPOs had removed it for God-alone-knows what reason
  7. Removed the knob-and-tube wiring from the office and installed bracing and wiring for a ceiling fan
  8. Removed non-original built-in bookshelf thing from master bedroom, framed over opening, removed remaining lath and plaster (boo-hoo), and drywalled
  9. Skimcoated the office, office closet, and master bedroom closet walls, fading in the drywall patches
  10. Primed and painted both closets, the new wall in the master bedroom, and the office
  11. Installed closet organizers into both "new" closets
  12. Began transforming hall closet into a linen closet and not a "junk drawer"
  13. Made the nursery into a nursery, aquiring all of the big-ticket items secondhand
  14. Amassed over a year's worth of baby clothes without spending a dime
  15. Planted a small garden and harvested lots of broccoli, a few peppers, and over 10 lbs of tomatoes
  16. Put up lots of fresh produce, including peaches, blueberries, corn, beans, broccoli, peppers, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, 3 kinds of jam, and basil pesto
  17. Paid off 2 student loans and a credit card
  18. Overflowed the bathroom toilet, ruining the ceiling in the kitchen
  19. Removed the jungle from the "garden" on the side of the garage and mulched until we can put patio pavers in
  20. Grew a baby!
It's annoying to me that none of the rooms upstairs are finished.  We really wanted to have the floors refinished, but ran out of time due to a 1 month delay because of a flaky electrician.  Still.  We're way ahead of where we were, and every room is at least functional.

Over the winter and into the spring, we'll be gearing up for the floor refinishing, trim re-installation, and, by summer, a bathroom remodel.  Well, at least that's the plan.  Who knows how it'll work out with a new baby...  But that'll be the best project of all!


Lotta Dahl said...

Good Luck! I hope it's an easy delivery and many wishes for a healthy baby!

Jessie said...

Good luck! Best wishes for a healthy happy baby who eats and sleeps well!