Bathroom inspiration: J's 3/4 bath

A few months ago I was at my cousin J's house and took a few quick shots of her bathroom. Aside from the wood floor (we're planning on tile), this is almost exactly what we want to do with our bathroom. Her husband R and his dad did all the work. I'm thinking we should invite them over... :)

The pictures aren't great quality, but you get the idea. They used the Kohler Memoirs toilet and sink, which are absoloutely goregous. I'll have to ask about the mirror, since I love that too. And the subway tile...! *sigh*

Congrats to J and R on a job well done!


Omar said...

That is really nice -- I'd opt for a clawfoot, but I envision something similar when we get to redoing the bathroom. I like the color too.. :)

Lotta Dahl said...

This is lovely! I'd love to do something similar to this in a blue though. Very very pretty!