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I've been on a renovation vacation since my burthday dinner at the house (December 21), so I'm thinking it's about time to get moving again. The holidays are over, the puppy is mostly house-broken, and I'm starting to feel lazy. The goal for 2008 is to re-do the upstairs, and we've started planning to that effect. Aside from the bathroom, all of the work is fairly easy and mostly involves paint and shellac. Not too bad.

One of the things I've realized about myself is that I have to have a clear picture of where I'm headed in order to work on a project. If I don't, I stall. For example, when the living room was red and gold, I couldn't figure out how I would decorate. I couldn't function with that color in the room, and it kept me from even working on the project. Even unrelated things, like stripping the woodwork, didn't get done because I was so fixated on the problem of wall colors. Once I repainted the walls gold, the project started flowing again. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it kept me stalled for about 8 months. Talk about wasted time!

I'm trying not to have the same problem with the office. The problem is that there was originally a 24" wide door for the closet. Remember, this is the closet door they paneled over and we rediscovered over the summer. If we retrim the door as it was, we will have an awkward closet with hanging rods running depth-wise. What we're considering is doubling the width of the door (either tasteful bi-folds or two 24" doors) and having shelving and hanging rods the entire width of the closet. This would more than double the usable space, but I'd have to remove part of an original plaster wall.

I know there are folks out there that would have gutted any original plaster and replaced with drywall, but I'm not one of them. I have a really, REALLY hard time getting rid of anything original. Even though it would improve the function dramatically. And wouldn't hurt the character. And the wall already has damage in that spot from a non-original heat duct that we're getting rid of.

I suppose I've already decided to cut the new opening, I just need some reassurance I'm not ruining my house...!

But before I jump back into the office project, I'm going to paint the little front bedroom. Once that room is done, I can move all of the office junk in there (what little hasn't made it there yet!), and dive back into my wallpaper removal. I only have about 8 hours worth of paper left before we'll replace the wall that used-to-be.

We're also starting to seriously plan for the bathroom remodel. Right now we're trying to decide between subway tile and beadboard for the wainscot. Opinions are always welcome!

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drwende said...

Cut the new opening!

While I hate casually replacing stable plaster with drywall (and refused to do it when we had an old house), I also remember old-house closets. Not fondly. Keeping the original closet makes your life frustrating and hurts your resale value, so nobody wins.