Proud Member of the Can't-Leave-Well-Enough-Alone Club

This is what happens when I'm only supposed to work on one room at a time... Not only do have have an unfinished living room to work on, but I decided to ignore it today in favor of ripping up the carpet in the office. Now, ripping up carpet in and of itself is usually a quick and easy job. Not so in the Prairie Box. This carpet has fuzzy gray padding that was glued directly onto the wood floors. At first, I thought I could use the steamer to loosen the adhesive. It worked, but by the time it did, the wood was saturated. Not good. So then I tried the miracle cure of Citristrip, which disolved the adhesive in less than an hour.
This padding is really something else... It's half dust, half foam, and very nasty. No wonder the carpet in here always looked dirty! Here's a pile from a 6' by 4' area:
Thankfully it's thin, so the scraping part goes pretty quickly. I should be finished with the entire room today, so I'll post more pictures and a progress report tonight.


Greg said...

I have a lifetime membership in that club.

Ben Biddle said...

Missed the last club meeting, maybe I forgot my dues.

Di said...

I think the newsletter is called Houseblogs.net. We all seem to suffer from the same problem of messing with things that don't need to be or aren't ready to be messed with. Maybe it's a prerequisite for home improvement??