Some random thoughts

Thought for the day: dial-up internet stinks.  I’m looking forward to seeing our cable guy on Friday.  Then maybe I’ll write a bit more, since I won’t have to wait 10 minutes just to log into my blog.  The other bonus of having cable will be that I can host my site through Comcast instead of Blogger.  I’m not horribly proficient with HTML, but with a decent publisher, I’ll be able to make some layout and stylistic changes.  I definitely want to add an “Ideas” page, along with a “Before and After” section.  My friend AJ has an HTML “Bible” that he said I can borrow, so hopefully that will help me along.

Our housewarming party/BBQ was yesterday, and a good time was had by all.  We probably had about 30-35 people stop in.  We met our neighbors to the south, and our 2 neighbors next door to him also came by.  My cousin AM came in from Detroit, which was awesome.  I didn’t expect anyone from out-of-town.  Everyone liked the house, though, and I even got some leads on where I can find a decent plasterer.  

Now that the unpacking is complete, I’m anxious to start ripping up my office.  I haven’t done any further “peeking”under the wallpaper/carpet/ceiling tiles, but it’s only a matter of time.  New concern: The wall between the master bedroom closet and the office is made out of paneling (or some similar material…?).  I’m thinking that the original wall was somewhere in the middle of the closet, since the existing wall covers up part of the door trim in the office.  Will it be possible to move the wall 4 inches or so into the closet and still have enough room in there?  I’d like to reclaim my door trim…  And I’m fairly certain that we can handle the expense of one or two walls with skim-coat plaster.  


Ms. P in Jackson said...

Boy can I identify with the internet hardship. I had none until this past Tuesday. I'm finally back on broadband and am so thankful it's back. I was having to go the the local Comfort Inn and sit in their parking lot to use their wireless internet they offer to patrons. I guess I should be glad I had that option but what a pain it is when you don't have it at your fingertips.

Di said...

That's pretty bad. I'm actually considering going to the library tomorrow to use theirs, since I can't do any practical amount of research with my internet this slow. 26.4 kbps does not a happy researcher make...