Before & After: The Bathtub

Going back to last weekend... I wanted to post "Before and After" pictures of the bathtub. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it when it was upsidedown, sunk 2 inches into the dirt... But here's about what it looked like when I flipped it over (minus the cobwebs and loose dirt that I'd already swept out). Ain't she purty?

Twenty minutes later, with some serious elbow grease and the help of Murphy's Oil Soap, I had a rather pleasant surprise: a (fairly) clean bathtub! I still need to get some Lime-A-Way in there, since there are some serious hard water/rust deposits near the drain. I think just about all of it will come off, though. Another surprise was that the porcelain is in near-perfect shape. It looks like someone used abrasive cleaners on it, but there arn't any chips or cracks at all. If our stupid landlord hadn't stuck the tub outside, the exterior would likely be perfect as well.

Now I just need to find some feet and hardware for it. As far as hardware, I'd like something like this, in the polished nickel finish like the inset pic. I love the gooseneck faucet design... :) I'd really, really like to have a separate stand-up shower stall, so that the bathtub can just be a bathtub, but I'm thinking our bathroom is really too small for that. As whoever designed our bathroom has taught us, there's only so much you can cram into a 6' by 10' space.


Joe said...

I also have some tub restoration ahead of me, but luckily mine is still in the original spot-or at least in the bathroom. How do you plan on fixing the exterior of the tub? Mine's got a good deal of peeling and cracking, and also the hard water deposits like you mentioned. Also need to get the conversion kit as much as I'd like to build a shower. Good luck! Kim

Di said...

On the exterior of the tub. I plan on sanding it down to remove the rust, then painting it (probably Rustoleum, unless I find something better). I'm going to have the interior professionally refinished, since it's so dull inside.

Keep me posted on how your bathtub turns out! :)

Anonymous said...

There is some stuff called naval Jelly that will remove the rust you can get it from Ace
for future reference
you can get all of the deposits and stuff out with out much elbow grease by using Ring B Gone a toilette cleaner that you can get at most plumbing stores, be careful as it is acidic, and can burn the skin, and it can change the color of appliance, or remove the finish